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 UFO in St. Pete FL

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PostSubject: UFO in St. Pete FL   Tue Jun 16, 2009 4:22 pm

Sat. May 30 I was sitting in a local park watching a Little League game. The parks name is Fossil Park and its located at 70 Av. and 9 St. N. in St. pete FL. The time was 9PM and I heard a plane coming from the north out of St. Pete/Clearwater airport. It was headed almost directly overhead in a southerly direction. I glanced up to see it and was about to turn my attention back to the game when I spotted a figure 8 shaped light just to the east of the plane. I watched it for about a minute and it didn't appear to be moving so I took my phone and snapped a pic of it. I was sitting in the outfield so there was no one else around me. After I took the pic I looked around to see if anyone else was possibly looking in the direction of the object. Their attention was on the game. When I turned back to look at it it was gone. I have the pic saved to a flash drive. I looked at it on my laptop but I don't have very sophisticated image ware so I can't really tell how it came out. It is barely discerable. If anyone has better software and would like to check it or evaluate it I'd be happy to email it. I'd put it in this post but I forgot how to upload it here and it might not show much. My investigation is just getting started(I've already requested last nights flight logs for both local airports). Today I'll be canvassing the neighborhood looking for potential witnesses.

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UFO in St. Pete FL
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