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 Pasco UFO investigation

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PostSubject: Pasco UFO investigation   Wed Feb 25, 2009 3:24 pm

I will be posting the findings of my investigation of the Pasco sighting here. My findings are below.

This witness it should be noted has no interest in UFOs and hadn't even heard of Roswell. He is a middle aged professional unlikeley to call the local newspaper and report a strange airial event. But he had never seen anything like this and he called the police and the paper. The newspaper(St. Pete Times) contacted me with the information.
Here is the witness statement:
Quote :
On December 29, 2007 we dropped our daughter and granddaughter off at the Tampa International Airport at approximately 4 PM. At 6:30 PM we met some friends for dinner at a local restaurant on East Lake Road. We left the restaurant a few minutes before 9 PM. The time is accurate because we were looking at our wristwatch to ensure that we'd be home around 9, the landing time of our children (they were going to call us when they arrived), and because our dog had been indoors for several hours and needed to be let out.

We pulled into our driveway some time between 9:00 and 9:10 PM, and noticed four bright white lights above us in the sky, slightly to the North of where we were standing. We stood and stared at these lights because we had never seen anything like them. It was a clear sky except for some low hanging clouds. From where we were standing, the lights were uniformly white (unlike a light bulb that has darker and brighter portions), circular in shape and, from a ground level perspective, they were approximately six to ten inches in diameter in the sky. Judging from our familiarity with other aircraft which have passed overhead over the years, we would estimate that these objects would measure 40 to 70 feet in diameter if on the ground. They were stationary and equidistant in a manner that can best be described as forming a rectangle (see attached map). These circular lights were just below clouds that we would estimate to be approximately two to four thousand feet above the ground.

It is possible that the distance from the ground may have been slightly more or less. However, the height (from the ground) of these circular objects was below the height of any aircraft that has ever passed over our housing development. This was one of the remarkable things that made us take notice of the lights.

There was complete silence (no engine sound) and the lights, when we first noticed them, were perfectly still. After a few seconds, these lights began rapidly moving in a straight line towards an imaginary vertex in the center of the rectangular formation (in other words, they moved towards each other on a collision course with one another, passing through a cloud). They appeared to bounce off of each other and rapidly move back to their original formation at the same speed with which they previously moved toward each other. They repeated this maneuver over and over again, approximately every 30 to 45 seconds.

The sight was mesmerizing.

We were looking at objects that were able to stand still in the sky. They exhibited no signs of gradual acceleration (they moved at an incredibly high, uniform speed from one part of the sky to another). They were completely silent, and they evidenced no fuel trail at all.

These objects were illuminated, but there was no dispersion of light beyond them (there was no beam of light emanating from the objects to the atmosphere around them); there was no halo or light reflection. There were no light beams from the ground up, and no light beams from above going down. As stated previously, the skies were clear and light pollution had little or no bearing upon what was clearly visible to the naked eye.

Although it was a clear night, and stars were visible in the sky, either there were no stars within the rectangle subsumed by the four objects, or we were so intent upon viewing these four objects that we didn't notice any stars in the background.

We called a friend who was with us at the restaurant (which was a short distance away from our home) and asked if she could see these four lights above our housing development. She said that she did not see them. We called a local news station and asked if there was any explanation, and they said they would look into it and get back to us.

After about five minutes of viewing this fascinating phenomenon, we went inside our home in order to let our dog out to relieve himself. The illuminated objects were still going through their maneuvers in the same location. When the dog finished doing his thing we let him inside. After opening the door to let him in, we turned around and the illuminated objects had disappeared. Approximately 15 minutes elapsed between the time we first noticed them to the time they disappeared.

We conclude that these objects had recessed lights (i.e. just as traffic lights or railroad crossing lights have shields around them) because our friends looking from a distance could not see what we could see from our vantage point which was virtually below these objects.

I asked the witness to put his sighting in his own words after I concluded our first interview. My notes from that interview match what he wrote. I interviewed the subject again after I recieved his account to see if he recalled anything else that might be pertinent. The image below is based on my notes and his account.
Here is a one dimensional representation of the sighting:

Since this event occurred in Pasco county I was able to travel to the area and conduct a field investigation.
Here is an overview of the area where the sighting took place:

I was able to make contact with several people in the area and see if they had seen or heard anything that evening. Noone I talked to could recall anything of significance. I next requested flight logs from TIA and St. Pete/CLWTR airport to see if I could match up any flights that night. The witness account didn't seem to match any type of aircraft and after checking the logs I found that no aircraft would have been in the vacinity. When I checked the weather I found ideal viewing conditions with a high ceiling and no thermal inversions. I also scoured the UFO reporting sites to see if there were any other reports that might match. No luck. I contacted the local city desk at the newspaper to see if they had recieved any strange calls that night but they had nothing on record(I recieved the sighting info from a friend at the paper).

My conclusion is that this was and is a mystery and unless or until more information turns up this UFO report is labeled Unidentified.

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Pasco UFO investigation
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